A new sand pit for Goxhill School

A boardwalk leads from the playground to the sand

The school wanted as big a sand pit as possible so we excavated a deep hole, lined it with a geotextile membrane and filled with play sand. We used the excavated soil to form the gently sloped banks of the sand pit. These were shaped to contour the sand and make it look very natural. There are two robinia balance beams set into the banks which were turfed to finish. All ready for the summer term!

Before work started

Sandpits are one of the most versatile elements to a playground and a great way to further the development of the minds and bodies of children. By digging, pouring, sifting, and scooping sand, children use their upper bodies and arms in ways that many of their other toys do not require them to work.

Excavations complete, showing the soakaway which will be filled with stone before covering with a geotextile membrane and finally topping off with play sand

Adding water near or through a sandpit allows children to also learn the inherent physical properties of sand by comparing wet and dry sand. Sandpits are often very social spaces too and no matter the age or development level of the child, sand offers an opportunity to explore and experiment in a safe and inviting environment.