Cambridge Pole Jungle

Cambridge - University Primary - Pole Jungle - climbing frame - Robinia - nets

Our Pole Jungles are bespoke and designed to suit the users and budget available. They are built to be challenging and to have a long lasting appeal for older or younger children. This recent Pole Jungle is at the University of Cambridge Primary School and is set into a wood strip safety surface edged with playful grass mounds that are easy to mow and maintain.

Pole Jungles encourage movement with a focus on climbing, balance and coordination to promote physical activity through play. The layout of the poles encourage upper and lower body development, coordination, climbing, traversing and the general building of agility, fitness and stamina. The nets can interpreted as a hammock, a clambering place, a bridge, an obstacle or whatever else the children’s imaginations come up with. We use a soft polyhemp rope that is comfortable to climb or lay on.

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