Children’s Play Design & Build Framework Award with The Forestry Commission 2018

We are thrilled to have been awarded a position on this national framework; the Forestry Commission has a strong history of innovative play provision. They view play as a bridge to discovery and exploration of nature and the wider forest landscape and we are very proud to have been selected as designers & builders to develop their play ideas further.

We have already worked for the Forestry Commission at Wendover Woods, Hertfordshire and are looking forward to starting work at Moors Valley Country Park on a new Fairy Tale inspired landscape Autumn 2018.

Encouraging families to participate in a shared activity like a walk in the woods to provide enjoyment, improve relationships and generates a feeling of wellbeing. We do not wish to tread heavily on the land and always look at ways to minimise the impact of our play structures.

Our designs aim to be as accessible as possible for a wide range of ages and abilities. This can be achieved through well considered layouts and the use of material e.g. the type of safety surface used. Whilst we recognise that in natural settings such as forests and to provide a level of challenge, it isn’t always possible to create full accessible play for all, we take the approach of integration rather than segregation where possible.

We understand the theory of play and it’s importance in the development of healthy minds and bodies of the next generation.