Climbing Structures for older children

timber climbing frame

This school in south London has a playground for its Years 5 and 6 and at its heart is a large climbing structure built by us in 2016, we visited just before October half term to see how it is being used.

For older children great play opportunities are determined by four key factors: competition, social interaction, upper-body-centered physical activity and emphasis on challenge.

School Climbing frame

It is really important to us that we build structures that offer physical challenge whether that be the height of a pole from the ground or the span between two beams. This applies to all ages but in particular for the older children our over sized timber poles made from Robinia support a series of nets, decks and beams that provide hang out spots high above the ground.

Social hang out spaces

Being up high is both soothing, inspiring and empowering to children allowing them to dwell in a world above the real world. Then social importance of a play area increases with the age group and children want to hang out together more and more, nets are great for this.