Elliptical Bike Sheds

Our new Elliptical Bike Shed is a sectional building that can be built to house any number of cycles, the sheds in the photos hold 52 each. They are made from galvanised steel and can be installed on any hard surface easily.


It is a bright and airy structure with an open fronted woven steel frame work which provides a climbing support for the plants growing in the integral planters whilst preventing access to the building. Gates at each end allow entry for cycles and they are operated by keypad locks.


It can be installed anywhere in the school grounds as it has its own power supply with solar panels that power the lighting. At dusk every day the lights will come on automatically and stay on till dawn, perfect for dark winter afternoons and mornings.


Children who walk, cycle or scoot to school arrive brighter, more ready to learn and have better concentration levels in class allowing them to perform better educationally than those driven by car. By allowing children to make their own way to school you can also help them to become more confident and independent, which is especially important in the transition from primary to secondary school.


Encouraging parents to allow their children to cycle to school will reduce the number of cars making the school run; the benefits are huge as reducing congestion and pollution at the school gates will improve the environment for everyone.


Providing an allocated shelter for keeping pupil’s bicycles safe and dry during the school day will increase the participation rate; knowing that it will be stored where it will not get damaged or stolen will encourage more parents to allow their children to take a bicycle to school.