Addington School

This is an inclusive that provides a wide range of sensory and active play experiences. It allows children with special needs to explore and enjoy the space in a more independent way which is important for self esteem and physical challenge.

The round water tables allow a group of children to access the water together, a push tap connected to mains supply allows only a small amount of water to flow at a time and the channels and sluice gates provide ways to manipulate the water as it flows. Water falls off the table into a dry river bed, under a bridge suitable for a wheelchair and on to a central drain. The dry river bed is perfect for splashing in with wellies. 

Sand play is provided with two sand pits: one low level and one free standing hex sand table that allows access for wheelchair users.


An interactive sensory wall divides the space with a portal suitable for a wheelchair to pass through. Sound, sight and texture is provided by a xylophone, mirror and texture panel. It provides enclosure to the sand pit and has an interactive wall behind the sand pit. 

A wide embankment slide makes use of the existing slope and allows for children to slide assisted by the staff.


The two spinner bowls are good for children with autism and the basket swing is low enough to enable children to climb on from a wheelchair. 

The rubber mulch surface is soft enough for children who cant walk to be able to crawl on comfortably, the coloured patterns provide zones for play and journeys to follow.