Beacon Rise School

The School has developed their play policy with Michael Follett from OPAL and are a leading example of the benefit to children’s emotional, social and mental development of offering productive and creative play opportunities.

Much like climbing, elements such as balance beams and stepping logs encourage movement with a focus on balance and coordination. They can be a simple way to connect spaces and create routes through the landscape between mounds, across different terrain, up slopes or amongst planting. The elements can often double up as informal seating too.

Pole Jungles are built from Robinia and the designs are organic as they are led by the shapes and sized of timbers we have available. They encourage movement with a focus on climbing, balance and coordination to maximise the physical potential of each child.

Using areas of suspended netting can create a hammock, a clambering place, a bridge, an obstacle or whatever else the children’s imaginations come up with. They also encourage upper and lower body development, coordination, climbing, traversing and the general building of agility, fitness and stamina.

Outdoor learning spaces are really important to enhance the syllabus.  Many children benefit from a more informal learning approach and being outdoors is a healthier and more active option.