Blue Coats Primary, Gloucestershire

An essential requirement of a good play strategy is a good shed. Not only did we build Blue Coat Primary, Wotton-under-Edge their own Beach Hut to keep all their loose parts organised, we also built a sand pit so large it is called The Beach.





We used the spoil from the excavated soil was shaped into playful mounds to hold the sand in place and reminiscent of sand dunes.

Sand play can be the perfect opportunity to further the development of the minds and bodies of children. No matter the age or development level of the child, sand offers an opportunity to explore and experiment in a safe and inviting environment. From stretching the imagination to teaching mathematical and scientific concepts, playing in the sand enhances the imaginations and social skills of children.

The Beach Hut was handmade and painted by our workshop team to fit the space available. It has shelves and space to pack away all the play equipment when not in use.

Sand Pit - Blue Coat School - Wotton - natural play