Charlton Wood Pole Jungle

In the main playground at Charlton Wood Academy we have installed a large Pole Jungle made from statuesque natural shaped FSC Robinia, sits in a safety surface of wood chip and is designed in accordance with EN1175 & EN1176. It is a bespoke climbing element designed exclusively for this site to maximise play value within the space available and budget.

Tree climbing is the simplest form of natural play and the most challenging as the surfaces are uneven, we have set the beam heights, positioning and lengths to challenge children of 8 -12 yrs.

It is big enough to allow a large number of children to access, making it an ideal structure for a busy playground. The Pole Jungle is a non-prescriptive play structure encouraging movement with a focus on climbing, balance and coordination to maximise the physical potential of each child.

There are multiple routes to access this structure starting at lower levels with low stepping logs and beams, along with higher and more challenging options. The lower level sections allow adults to assist their children if required. They encourage upper and lower body development, coordination, climbing, traversing and the general building of agility, fitness and stamina.

The play nets are made from 16 MFP ropes which are manufactured with 6-strands closed around a fibre core. The centre of the strands is made up of extra-galvanized steel wires to give excellent corrosion protection and strength. The steel part is tightly covered with synthetic fibres/yarns. The net hole/mesh sizes meet BSEN1176 of at least 230mm. The nets are versatile elements, creating a hammock, a clambering place, a bridge, an obstacle or whatever else the children’s imaginations come up with.