Aerodrome Community Cafe, London

The design of the Community Cafe aims to create a welcoming and adaptable space to be used during school hours and for community gatherings and events. The children can use the space for eating lunch, Breakfast Club, as an outdoor classroom or social space, and can get involved in the growing and maintenance of the plants. It also provides a comfortable and social space for parents and carers to wait for their children when picking them up from school.

The structure will be constructed from larch on metal feet to match the existing canopy. The polycarbonate roof is opaque and offers a high UV protection.

Horizontal larch slats provide semi enclosed walls making the space sheltered and shaded but at the same time feeling airy with good visibility.

New block paving surface will be easy to sweep and an aco drain will remove excess water and prevent puddling during wet weather.

Four bespoke picnic benches made from cedar and galvanised steel provide seating for 6-8 and are 6 foot in length.

Galvanised water troughs filled with top soil and planted with herbs, flowers and climbers to grow up the timber framework provide biodiversity, shade, scent and colour.