Filton Children’s Centre, Bristol

This project at Filton Children’s Centre has been a collaboration with Landscape Architects Roundfield for client South Gloucestershire Council.

The building had a play garden that did not meet the needs of the users. In particular it had a grassy slope that was always very muddy, boulders that were very large and caused plenty of minor accidents and a large sand pit that had been boarded over. Roundfield created the design concept which Green Play were commissioned to build.

The new design provides a low maintenance, all weather garden with a practical sensory planting scheme set in a raised robinia timber border. There are new bonded gravel paths for pedaling, astroturf slopes for rolling and sitting on, and low level balancebeams. The space is designed to be enjoyed by a pre-school age group with minimal assistance.

The new boulders are made from a soft limestone and set low level, good for stepping stones and sitting on.

We have made a bespoke set of Sound Tubes in stainless steel.