Forestry England, Alice Holt

Dormouse Crossing

This is a higher and more challenging piece for the age group requirements of 6-10 year olds, providing a level of risk and challenge and giving the children a high level view of the woodland. It is visually appealing feature that can be viewed and accessed from all sides for parents to interact with their children from the ground.

The climbing elements of the play feature also represent the fact that Dormice are expert climbers and some of the most acrobatic and arboreal animals, spending most go their time climbing amongst tree branches in search of food, rarely coming to the ground.

Lorry loading timber to deliver to Alice Holt Forestry Commission

The Centenary Trees

This structure tells the story of Forestry Commission trees on their journey from the woods being felling, processing and production of timber for construction. The large scale play structures have been installed to celebrate 100 years since Forestry England was first created to restore the country’s forests after the First World War and celebrate the special habitat Alice Holt provides for people and wildlife.

The decks are linked by a V-bridge, which is a relatively low challenge yet exciting element as it has open sides and spans 3m between the decks. The highest deck is 1.8m from the ground, high enough to create a sense of adventure and risk for older children within the suggested age range, but low enough for adults to reach if necessary. The lower deck at 1.5m provides the same qualities as the higher deck. All of the structure is accessible by adults allowing them to interact and assist their children.

Alice Holt play equipment