Forestry England Jeskyns, Kent

Jeskyns Community Woodland in Kent had an existing play landscape of earthworks and topography is hugely playful and well established. There are endless possibilities for imaginative play and wide games. However the existing landscape was primarily low level, the climbing element was in need of replacement and the site was not accessible for less able users.

The new path and boardwalk passes right through the playground and redirects footfall away from the grass banks. This will  reduce wear and erosion to the banks. The new boardwalk is a non slip level route from gate to Elf and Fairy Village. It allows less able users and wheels to access everything.

The Elf Houses are Scandinavian inspired structures. We have painted them brightly inside and the colours work well all year round. In winter they provide a flash of colour amongst the muted palette of the woodland and timbers of the play area.