Hannah More Primary School

The Beach

The large beach was created with play sand, boulders and seaside planting surrounded by a groyne wall.

Dry river bed

We like to include running water in our designs, a dry river bed is perfect in any weather conditions. We build a reservoir that can be filled from a hose pipe, children pump the water into the river bed using a hand pump set by the reservoir.

Shanty Shed

Built from half a fishing boat, the shanty shed can be used for anything from a den to a serving hatch for school events. There is a fully working sink inside and worktops.

Changing Room

The access to the main playground is through the back of one of the two Beach Huts which acts as a changing room for outdoor clothing.

Reception Playground

Tucked under the existing canopy we have built a new sand pit, mud kitchen, loose parts storage, upper level walkway and crawling tunnel.

Planter seats

We replaced the existing metal fence with a bespoke timber one giving a larger space and covered some of the tarmac with decking to soften ground underfoot and reduce the noise level.

Reading Room

A Beach Hut has been fitted out as a quiet space for play, reading and small group work.