Inns Court Centre

Green Play Project have supported us to develop beautiful and outstanding outdoor spaces for our three nurseries. I really enjoy working with Simon and his team as they listen really carefully and ensure that the provision meets the needs of all of the children; providing them with open ended spaces that enable them to explore with all of their senses.

Sarah Salmon Head Teacher

The central feature of this garden is a long dry river bed lined with boulders, set on gradient water runs down to a sand pit. The water can be introduced via a hand pump set at the head of the stream, or via a hose pipe or rain water.

We have selected hard wearing grasses and bamboos to plant in the play spaces. Growing beds are also provided for the children to learn about gardening.

The existing site was a disused piece of land next to the community centre, unusable in its current state.

Raised beds with string climber supports make autumn tidying up easy as the trellis string can be cut and removed simply.

Opened by Bristol’s Lord Mayor in July 2014 to the community the garden has settled and evolved over the past 4 years, we stay involved in its maintenance and development.

Sandstone boulders are soft and smooth and perfect for playgrounds.

Natural grassy mounds gives height to the space and we added boulders for scrambling.