Longparish Village, Hampshire

 This lovely site in the village next to the Cricket Club was already a much loved playground but in need of updating, so our brief was to provide a natural play space for all ages and abilities of children from 2 to 13 with new swinging, climbing and sliding equipment.

The new swings hang from a round pole robinia frame that matches the play equipment, we have selected seats that provide different forms of interaction for the younger age group; a basket swing is excellent for children with disabilities and group swinging, a Tango swing allows and adult and toddler to swing together face to face,  the cradle seat is perfect for toddlers and a flat swing for older children and adults.

Particularly important was that is was fully inclusive for local families so we have included a roundabout suitable for wheelchair users, a climbing structure that can be climbed easily with good handrails and a basket swing accessible from a level new safety surface to allow all children to play together. The equipment is accessible and progressive, allowing children of different ages to play together and test their physical abilities.