Robert Sandilands Primary School, Newbury

This project involved transforming an uninspiring area with worn safety surface and little play value to create a play space with lots of loose materials, intimate spaces and planting.

"Green Play Project completely understood our vision for the space and added their own design and landscaping expertise to create something that has totally exceeded our expectations. We now have many more spaces where creative play can develop and where we see collaboration and communication. And whilst there is still space for gross motor development we see much more play that focuses on upper body and fine motor skills. It really is a joy to watch the children interacting with the environment and exploring its possibilities. "

Maria Morgan Early Years Team Leader Robert Sandilands Primary School & Nursery

The existing grass banks were reshaped to create two hobbit hole dens with soft astroturf lining providing intimate play spaces for the children.

The banks were also utilised to provide options for climbing, with the upright logs and boulders set into the mounds. 

A central circle filled with gravel creates a space that can be used as a story telling circle or a place to sit and chat with friends.

Part of the existing safety surface was retained to create a route for riding bikes, scooters and pushing friends around in prams!

The space has been filled with a lot of bamboo to make some of the spaces feel more enclosed and create a green landscape for the children to explore.

Several ‘secret’ seating areas can also be found throughout the space for the children to discover and sit together.