St Werburgh’s City Farm, Bristol

The Cafe needed a new play garden that would be suitable for younger children, it has a Pole Jungle climbing frame and a variety of dens and pathways that lead around the bamboo planting. A new deck surrounding the Gaudiesque inspired Cafe building provides additional outdoor cafe seating and a view over the play area.

“Having a Green Play Project play area offers kids a diverse, exploitative and intriguing place to have fun. Rather than the same old playground set up, we have boulders to leap off, bamboo to hide behind, tunnels to explore, cargo nets to swing in, a teepee to hide in, sand to lie in, a pole to slide down, structures to climb and of course a slide (who doesn't like a slide?) For a small area, the Green Play Project team have magically crammed in an awful lot of fun.”

Kari Halford, Farm Director


The well established bamboos give a jungle maze-like feel and provide a fun route for the children to go through.

Cafe Deck

A covered raised deck was added to increase the cafe seating and allow parents to sit outside and watch their children play.


A slide offers a quick exit from the cafe deck into the playground whilst underneath the deck is a secret passageway to explore.

Boulders and Stepping Logs

Journeys through the garden are suggested by boulders and stepping logs, the lushness of the planting creates elements of surprise as each area is discovered.

Challenging Play

By adding slightly tricky play equipment each age group can be challenged physically and little people can be helped until they are old enough to be able to do it themselves.

Teepee den

Finding a special place for rest, refuge and friendship in a play environment is important to children. The Teepee is a ‘buddy space’; a place to go with your best friend to communicate, to imagine and to play.

Pole Jungle

Our Pole Jungles are built to fit the available space and are a mixture of round poles and nets to create a multi purpose structure that can be used by plenty of children at the same time.