Tyntesfield National Trust, North Somerset

The design for the Orchard Play Area reflects Tyntesfield’s Spirit of Place by drawing on elements of the craftsmanship and design of the various architectural features in this working part of the estate, drawing on elements found within the walled garden and greenhouses.

“The Orchard Play Area has been incredibly popular with our families and is a fantastic addition to our play offer. On busy weekends there are queues to use the area at all times of the year in all weathers.”

Catherine Coleman Learning and Engagement Officer


The natural environment is a strong influence in our design and how the public, and children in particular, interact with it. It matters to us what challenges, inspires and rewards them. Through the use of natural materials, stone, metalwork and wood carving we hoped to convey our message of thought provoking play while also providing a natural resting place for visitors and a strong visual link with the existing surroundings.

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Play Trail

The play trail snakes around the space providing allowing the children to decide how they navigate through the space. The non-prescriptive play elements encourage movement with a focus on climbing, balance, coordination and teamwork,

Apple Crates

To link to the orchard theme we created up-turned apple crates to use as climbing elements as part of the play trail.

The Orchard Tractor

As this is a favourite with the children we wanted to keep the tractor sited in this area and include it as part of the play trail.