Moors Valley Country Park’s Enchanted Wood

Currently under construction is a new play space for Moors Valley Country Park and Forest linking the magical and mysterious world of the woodland and fairy tales. Families can have fun working out which part of the story each piece is referencing and can imagine and recreate the fairy tales as they move around the spaces.

Size and scale is important in this design; we have designed the cottage’s elements to be proportional to the pre-school age group, creating a child-sized world. No elements of the design are high or difficult to access making them fully inclusive. All the elements within the design can be open for interpretation, allowing each child to find their own way of interacting within the spaces, whether they know the fairy tale story or not. As the elements are spaced out and not contained within one structure it allows for several children to play at the same time, providing more opportunities for social interactions and games.

By removing the walls, ceiling and floor in our cottages it opens the play into the woodland beyond. Certain elements lead off into the woods suggesting that the story is continued elsewhere and the boundaries are blurred between fixed play equipment and woodland. This encourages families to roam off the paths and make their own memorable adventures in the woodland. We have also used trails of stepping stones and themed way markers to encourage woodland exploration beyond the paths.

Delivery to the woods from our workshop in Bristol.

Our team Sage, Sam, Jared and Shaun with the finished story telling tree.

Yuseph carving one of the 3 Bears’ porridge bowls using an Adze he bought in Gambia many moons ago 🇬🇲