New projects for Forestry England

We are delighted to have been awarded two projects with Forestry England, work will be completed by Spring 2020. These designs encourage children and families to discover the forest setting through natural, exploratory and wild play. Our aim is for our formal play to introduce and encourage natural and wild play opportunities. Accessibility is key to both these designs and they allow easy access for those with limited mobility.

‘The Trading Post’ at Bedgebury Pinetum, Kent
The inspiration for this play space is the story of famous Plant Hunter Ernest Wilson, who made many journeys to SE Asia and China. During his career he discovered and brought back thousands of now familiar garden plants to the UK including Spruce & Fir trees, Clematis, Acers and Magnolias.

Green Play Project have designed a SE Asian Trading Post where plant specimens have been brought by canoe to the coast to be packed and loaded into Wardian Cases ready for the long sea voyage back to Liverpool docks in England.
By linking the existing boardwalk to the main path we have created access for all abilities and ages to the The Shipwreck and The Trading Post.

‘The Working Forest’ at High Lodge, Suffolk
Forestry is a cycle of sustainable timber production and the Forestry Commission is the largest supplier of sustainably produced timber in the country.

Our ‘Working Forest’ depicts part of the process of timber extraction from woodland using machinery: from standing timber to a loaded trailer. We have demonstrated how playful climbing trees and balancing on logs can be, encouraging visitors to interact with the wider woodland in a playful way. We also task visitors to use found objects from the wider woodland to bring back to the play equipment to use to interact with the sound elements and marble run. All children love to collect natural treasures such as a special stone, pine cone or a favourite stick as they explore the woodland. We encourage children to use their treasures to interact with the play equipment. Two pine cone marble runs on each side of the Timber Trailer encourages competition and scientific discovery. How fast can the pine cone roll, is a small one quicker than a large one for example.