Newport Primary Pole Jungle

The School’s PTA fundraised to pay for the existing climbing structure and surfacing to be replaced as it had reached the end of it’s useful life. They wanted a climbing structure that offered challenge to the whole school. We designed a bespoke Pole Jungle structure to fit the space with a range of playful challenges from balance to swinging to hanging.  The wet pour surface was removed and replaced with an artificial turf on a shock pad base to give a safe surface.


Swinging, climbing, rolling and hanging are not only fun for children but also essential for their motor skills, balance, coordination, and body awareness. Our Pole Jungles offer children the opportunity to test their own limits in a safe environment and the decks and nets make great places to just hang out. We dislike trim trails because one long line of kids waiting to play doesn’t seem like good play value. The Pole Jungle lets kids choose where they start and what they think they are starting on. It is what you might create between the trees if you has a bit of woodland but not everyone does. Using areas of suspended netting and poles the jungle can be a hammock, a clambering place, a bridge or an obstacle. Like most of our products it provides a place of difference for open ended play.