The Bishop’s Palace

After planning this project for nearly two years we were delighted to complete the build of a new playground for The Bishop’s Palace, Wells this summer. It is set in the Arboretum of the Palace Gardens and brings alive the story of a dragon that once terrorised Wells. Legend has it that in the 12th century, Somerset was terrorised by a frightful dragon who liked to eat milkmaids and other unsuspecting villagers. Bishop Jocelyn, who built The Bishop’s Palace, bravely ventured out to kill the dragon. After a mighty battle, as the dragon breathed its dying breath, it cast an eternal curse on the villagers: that if they ever forgot about it, the creature would return every 50 years, to this day the local villages celebrate the Dragon every 50 years to protect them from its return.

We have created 4 unique play structures that link the story of the dragon with the historical surroundings in a subtle way and we have developed a children’s play map as a Guide to the Palace Grounds. The play area was fully opened in September 2016.


The map is illustrated by Jared Benwell.

Story map