The Enchanted Woodland

Fairytale inspired new play area open for Christmas at Moors Valley Country Park 

A magical new play area bringing classic fairy tales to life has been opened in time for Christmas at the award-winning Moors Valley Country Park and Forest. The “Enchanted Woods” are filled with hand carved and crafted wooden play pieces based on characters from forest themed stories including Goldilocks and Hansel and Gretel.

Located at the start of the play trail, “Enchanted Woods” has 12 pieces of sculptural play equipment for children to explore and enjoy. Visitors can step through a large door to visit the Three Bears House area. Here children can climb up the three bears bed steps, sit down at the bear’s table complete with three porridge bowls, or splash their way through a bear paw print trail.


Inspired by the story of Little Red Riding Hood, children visiting the Grandma’s House area can crawl under the bed where the Wolf is pretending to be Grandma and speak into a sound tube to make him talk. For the more adventurous, there is a large balance beam section through Grandma’s wardrobe or they can visit another area to follow a breadcrumb trail inspired by the story of Hansel and Gretel.