Bear Wood at Wild Place Project

Opening Summer 2019 the Bear Wood Project at Wild Place Project in Bristol showcases and educates visitors about our ancient and modern woodland and the animals, birds and insects that were once a part of the woodland landscape. Using the theme of woodland animal homes we have designed two tactile and immersive play structures that encourages children to explore, discover and investigate the woodland.

British Native Woodland is under threat with only 2% of the country covered by woodland the eco system woodand’s support are precious and rare. Instilling in children a love of nature and a fascination with the living world is vital to protect the future of remaining woodland for generations to come. 

The Nest 

The Nest is accessed via a 1.5m high tunnel and constructed from kiln dried sawn larch timber framed set on round pole larch legs set in concrete footings. The legs have bark left on to give a rustic feel and the footings are hand dug to avoid root damage. The exterior of the larch clad structure has been covered in sculptural stag oak pieces to camouflage the structure and suggests it is made by an animal or bird.

The 2m high viewing platform is accessed by 4 larch boxes 500mm tall and central to the space is an oak tree. 

The 4m diameter pitched roof is constructed from a larch timber frame supporting a ply and EDPM membrane on which a framework of stag oak is attached to create catchments for leaf mould and woodland debris. A wide overhang protects visitors and timbers from the weather

Log Stack 

This is a collection of 8 large oak tree trunks placed in a random pattern to form a large climbing structure; 10 smaller branches are attached to increase the play potential and all rough edges are sanded smooth. Some of the sawn edges and faces will be carved with woodland themes and motifs.