Charlton Wood School, Bristol

The Reception Area is a creative space for imaginative play with water, sand and woodchip. Central to the tarmac space is Beachcomber Tower, a double deck larch and chestnut den set in a large sand pit and accessed by a scramble net, fireman’s pole or wide deck steps inside. From the top floor sand can be poured down tubes to the workbench below whilst a rope and pulley system carries buckets across to the messy kitchen, encouraging children to be inventive and creative with wet and dry materials.

The Messy Kitchen is set in a curve around the central circular paving. The splash back is made from upright oak sleepers and the space is shaded by tall bamboo. It has an oiled timber worktop made from oak and larch with useful storage shelves underneath, a pretend cooker hob and a working sink. The sand acts as a play resource and absorbs any water spilt from play.

Tree planting will take place in the Autumn and we will be adding many more bamboo plants too to create a jungly feel.