Forest Holidays Delamere

We were commissioned by Forest Holidays to build two play spaces for a brand new holiday site at Delamere Forest in Cheshire which opened at the beginning of April 2021. The Retreat playground is for younger children and site next to The Forest Retreat visitor centre with cafe, outdoor seating and shop.

The Forest Cabin – This den is designed to match the Forest Holiday’s cabin style at Delamere. It is built from robinia timbers and is accessed by step boxes. It has a stainless steel slide and is designed for the preschool age group. Inside it is fitted with fixed furniture; there is a kitchen, table, bench and bed, providing a perfect den for imaginative role play games as well as being a climbing frame and slide.



















The Retreat Low level play – A collection of beams and poles set a different angles and heights for climbing, scrambling and balancing on. The uneven, natural poles are challenging and encourage decision making and test balancing skills.



Wider Woodland Play – this is a high level rope and pole challenge that wraps around the existing trees and will provide a feet off the ground route. Using debarked robinia poles and beams rather than machine rounded timbers add to the level of challenge and decision making required. Heights of equipment varies to provide a good range of activity for older children and adults, the design includes an inclusive basket swing.