Minerva Academy KS1 & 2, Bristol

In 2019 we won a tender to provide Minerva Academy with a new play landscape, the School had just moved into their new school building. Having only had a tarmac playground in the old school they were very keen to introduce more variety of surfaces with changes in level to create a new landscape. It has been built in three phases over a period of 18 months and was completed in March 2020 but has had a 6 month settling in period whilst the School has been closed.

The landscape provides journeys and pathways to connect the spaces, passing over mounds, along boardwalks and paths, and through natural planted areas, allowing the children to explore the site however they choose.Our main aim is to create a space of variety that allows children to develop skills and use their imaginations.

The play structures are simple and multi-functional so that the range of age groups and abilities can use them in different ways. These along with the mounded landscaping creates a series of non-prescriptive elements allowing for children to use and explore their physical skills through sliding, rolling, climbing and scrambling.