National Trust Newark Park, Gloucestershire

The gothic ruins in the original 18th century picturesque pleasure grounds at Newark Park in Gloucestershire were the inspiration for our design. The National Trust wanted to expand the offering to its families with children age 4 – 12.

Explorer Families

We designed the routes to challenge the abilities of all age groups within one structure; for the younger children the clatter bridge allows simple access to the platform, whereas for older children the scramble net and log stacks are more challenging. Adults are able to access all areas too making it a multi generation piece of equipment.

National Trust play area

For the younger age group the space needed to allow opportunities for imaginative / fantasy play, for the older ages it provided a chance to take on a challenge and feel a sense of achievement.

The Exploration Tree is a piece of Oak we have planted to create the illusion of a growing tree. It has Fairy Doors that open into secret compartments that will be used for interactive discovery puzzles set by the Education Team.

The Crinkle Crinkle was designed for Newark Park, it is pathway of sprung brackets attached to Larch trunks. A crinkle crinkle is Old English for something with bends and turns in it and refers to garden walls that were built in a wavy pattern to conserve bricks and improve stability. Our Crinkle Crankle was inspired by the retaining walls at Newark Park.

A series of sprung brackets that wrap around a trunk
A sprung pathway of brackets

The Folly Field sits at the bottom of the valley and draws families down to explore the wider estate. We have installed carved oak pigs and deer to act as way markers to create excitement, encourage the walk down and then rest points on the way back up again.